Dance Dimensions Offers Cecchetti World Ballet Certification Classes

these classes teach the Cecchetti syllabus and prepare students to test with the Cecchetti Association. It is not required for the student to test with Cecchetti but is a nice affirmation that the student has indeed learned the material. Cecchetti class offerings can be found with all the studio classes here.

We also offer an Open Track Ballet Program.


The Cecchetti program is split into three areas: 1)The Primary Levels and 2) The Graded Levels and 3) The Professional Levels.

The Cecchetti Graded Levels are a huge jump in technique from the Primary Levels and take much more attention to detail.

Primary Levels

The Primary Levels are examined as a group (up to six students in a group). The Cecchetti instructor is allowed to accompany the dancers into the exam.

The score system is as followed: 1 - Exceeds Expectations (Excellent), 2 - Meets Expectations (Good) and 3 - Needs Improvement (Fair).

Many dancers at Dance Dimensions have experienced the Primary exam process as a group, although the dancers are scored individually.

The Graded and Professional Levels - are for the serious ballet dancer. The Cecchetti Method is very technique based and requires students to perform at a high level. The syllabus specifies the technical and artistic points the dancer is to be taught. These tests measure and certify what the dancers have learned. Dancers are also required to answer questions about ballet student theory as well as give definitions of ballet terms. The Grade IV level dancer presents a one minute solo of student/teacher choreography.

Graded and Professional Levels

The Graded Levels (I – IV) and Professional Levels (Elementary V, Intermediate VI, Advanced VII and Diploma) for exams are set up in a different way than Primaries. Dancers for Grade I exams must be at least 8 years old although 9 or 10 years old is usually when a dancer is ready to examine for Grade I. Professional Level age requirement is at least 13 years old.

There is no longer a group size requirement for exams. The Cecchetti instructor makes an evaluation of the dancers on an individual basis and presents the evaluated students in groups of those dancers who are ready to perform the exam successfully. The dancers are not accompanied by the Cecchetti Instructor into the exam. Graded Levels have 1 to 5 dancers in the exam and Professional Levels 1 to 2 dancers in the exam.

The scoring system for graded and professional levels is from high to low as follows: Pass Highly Commended, Pass Commended, Pass Plus, Pass, Pass Conditional (dancer has to wait two years before the next exam) and Retake (dancer must wait one year before retaking the exam) Dance Dimensions dancers have been very successful in the Cecchetti exams and numerous times received Pass Highly Commended and Pass Commended.

The Cecchetti Program is expanding at Dance Dimensions and there is a need to have additional requirements for the Graded and Professional Levels. The requirements will go into effect for 2016 exam sessions.

Please realize that it is of the utmost importance to us that dancers be successful and well prepared in their exams. It is also important for parents to realize that each dancer is on their own individual journey and may not always be progressing lock step together. Many times progression depends on dancers' individual attention to detail, the individual work ethic and any special physical issues an individual may face.

To examine for Grade I through IV dancers will need to take their Grade class weekly plus one of the following:

1. A second class their level. (Example - Grade I classes twice a week)

For Grade I there are two classes in the schedule: Friday 4:00 - 5:15pm and Saturday 1:45 – 3:00pm, in the schedule at this time.

2. Study up one level. (Example - Grade I and Grade II weekly)

3. A second ballet class. (Example - Open Style Ballet)

Dancers that take a second class at their level or study up a level can be prepared for exams at a faster rate. It is possible that older dancers that study two levels can be ready to examine two levels in one exam session, however, they will need to take supplemental classes in order to do two exams at the upper graded levels.

There are two additional classes that are required prior to exams at an additional nominal fee.

Besides the Cecchetti classes offered during the regular dance season Dance Dimensions will also offer Cecchetti classes in the summer session and a Summer Cecchetti Intensive.