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Summer All Classes 2017 rev 1

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A summer intensive is 4 days during one week, Monday through Thursday. There are either 2 or 3 intensives per summer .  The intensive teachers are some of the finest available. These instructors will be either, nationally known dancers working out of L.A. or New York, or regionally known teachers and choreographers that are well known regionally and work from time to time on the national level. These are some of the very finest instructors coming into or already in the Colorado area during the summer.

The intensives are taught at three different levels. So whether you are Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate or Advanced we teach to the student. Class sizes are usually in the 10 to 16 student size. This is an optimum size for learning. Small enough to get individual correction and interaction, but large enough to have the interaction, support and formations of the class.

We invite students from all over the Colorado area to come and experience our intensives. The learning, the comradery, the challenge of reaching personal best, we are here and we invite you.

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Cecchetti Intensives

At this time there is only one Ceccehitti intensive per summer. This is an intensive time to prepare for the standardized testing done in the fall. Get a head start on your testing schedule with a very focused and intense preparatory course of classes to get you on to the next level of the Cecchetti syllabus.  


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