T'ai Chi is a form of movement that requires a meditative precision. It builds coordination, concentration and balance while generating a sense of calm control in the practitioner. An excellent activity for young and old alike, exercising both the mind and the body, with almost no impact or stress to the body. A dynamic activity for staying fit with a very low risk of injury. 

Dance Dimensions is very excited to be teaming up with Steve Elliot and Great Blue Heron T'ai Chi in the offering of T'ai Chi at the studio. Steve has studied and practiced T'ai Chi for most of his adult life. He has journeyed far and wide in both this country and China, to study with masters. And although Steve is too modest to say so, he is quite a bit more than another student on the road to becoming a master.

He is an insightful, caring, and thoughtful teacher with 13 years experience teaching the ancient art of T'ai Chi .

Steve ElliotSteve Elliot

Steve, Students and Friends at the Ribbon Cutting

Congratulations to Great Blue Heron T'ai Chi on a wonderful ribbon cutting event.