FEES 2015

We have an aggressive discount fee structure for multiple classes. Each new class a students takes provides a deeper discount. We also charge by the length of class. Longer classes are less expensive per length of time than are shorter classes.


Tuition for classes is due on the first of the month. Payments received after the 10th of the month will be assessed a $15.00 late fee. Returned checks will be charged a $25.00 returned check fee.

Classes begin on August 26 and continue through June 4th. There is no extra charge for five week months and no refunds for scheduled holiday breaks. Additional rehearsals for upcoming performances (i.e. mall shows, competitions etc.) are at no charge.

Tuition is calculated on a full season of classes from Monday August 29 2016 - Wednesday June 7 2017. Tuition payments are made in equal monthly installments and are non-refundable.

Any student withdrawing for a month or more, unpaid, will forfeit their space in class and will be charged a re-registration fee.

Fees are due and payable each month, whether or not a bill is received. Please call in before the 10th of the month to avoid late charges otherwise a late fee will be charged.

Missed classes, snow days taken by the St. Vrain School District and Monday holidays may be made up in other classes. Please schedule these with the office within a month.

Students withdrawing from class must give written notification to bookkeeping or billing. Responsibility for payment will continue until such notification is given. Please be considerate and allow another child the opportunity to dance

For Safety Purposes

  • Students will not be permitted to wait outside the building for their rides.
  • Students should arrive in time to dress for class and be picked up within 10 minutes after class ends. There is not always an adult in the office and we cannot be responsible for unattended children.
  • No one, including students, will be allowed in dance studios without staff supervision or permission. There is a tremendous amount of stereo equipment and glass mirrors. Damage has occurred.
  • Students will be expected to refrain from talking in excess, hanging or leaning on barres and touching the mirrors or stereo equipment in the classroom.

Student Conduct
Please clean up spills, trash, or crumbs from food and drink.

  • Students are not to sit down or leave the classroom without permission.
  • Keep all personal belongings in the cubbies and out of the waiting area.
  • No jewelry will be permitted in dance class, except very small earrings that do not dangle.
  • No street shoes, gum, food or drinks allowed in the studios.
  • Proper dance attire is required in all dance classes.
  • Valuables should be left at home or taken into the dance room with you. Please leave large amounts of money at home.
  • Anyone found defacing studio property, or disrespecting other people’s property will be immediately dismissed from the studio.
  • Label all shoes with student’s name. They are expensive and all look alike.
  • Remember that the lobby area is not sound-proof. Please control visiting children and keep conversations quiet

Dance Dimensions is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

Account Login click on picWe have an online account management system, which is password protected, where customers can manage their accounts and pay their bill using either credit cards or an e-check. Access to the accounts management page can be by clicking on the large button above or from the "Accounts" main menu.

There Are Reasons Why We Do Not Have Viewing Windows For Our Classrooms.


The issue of viewing windows most often comes up for very young dancers. There are good reasons not to have viewing windows into class rooms.

  1. The child’s attention and focus is split between the teacher and the parent when viewing windows are present. A dance class is an educational experience and part of that education is learning new relationships with teachers. The first day of class the door is intentionally left open for the little ones to adjust but not to become dependent on Mom being right there all the time. And from experience, we know that children learn more and we cover more material when windows are not present.
  2. Parents usually do not have any corrections that can come from observation. Usually parents fall into two general categories. One – The parent tells the child they are doing really great. Children often take this as “I’ve done it, I don’t need to work so hard.” Two – a small number of parents will compare their child’s rate of learning to other children. No child should ever be required to explain who they are. Children learn at their own pace. They often have different issues they deal with. The classroom should be a totally safe place for the child to be who they are and to learn as they are. It is our responsibility to keep the child’s attention.
  3. Do classrooms at elementary schools have observation windows?
  4. We are a loving organization and are focused on creating a superior and loving learning environment for your child. We have designated class days when parents are welcome into the classroom for viewing.