Louise Leise

Artistic Director / Owner of Dance Dimensions
"Education should not be so much about filling a bucket, as it is about lighting a fire."

Welcome and a Word From the Director

Thank you for visiting our website. During the many years that we have been in business, we have touched the lives of countless students, become extended family for students and their families, helped train professional dancers, mentored scores of college dance scholarship recipients and have seen many of our students go on to teach dance in such markets as New York City and L.A. We understand that not every student will become a professional dancer, perhaps most will not. However we strive to encourage every student  to discover the empowerment of pursuing their personal best. And fundamentally we want every student to experience dance as a tremendous joy and great fun.

We are passionate about the value of art in the lives of young people. It is a high value to develop the discipline and focus in the  attainment of technique. But it is an even higher value to understand and appreciate the esthetic, passion and joy inherent in a life lived artfully as a whole person. We offer our services in the attempt to fulfill the exhortation: “Education should not be so much about filling a bucket, as it is about lighting a fire.”

Whatever choice or decision you make for your student, we hope that you will carry forward the education of yourself and your children so as to harvest the rewards of your potential.

Louise Leise
Artistic Director

Our Philosophy

Although our primary mission is to provide the very finest in all aspects of a liberal arts dance education, we believe in nurturing the whole child and being mindful of the many needs of the entire person. Such items as self confidence, self esteem, empathy, responsibility, healthy self image, community relationship, passion of endeavor and mental focus are all but parts of a total matrix of value that we strive to impart to our students. We believe in the intrinsic importance of every individual and the power of dance to enhance the many and varied aspects of every student’s life.

Aspects of Dance Dimensions

  • Liberal Arts Dance Education
  • A Focus on Family - Yours and the "Studio as a Family"
  • Ages 3 through Professional
  • Ballet Certification Program: Cecchetti Syllabus
  • as well as an Open Ballet Track
  • Competitions, Conventions
  • Performing Company - Competition Teams
  • Spring Concert - much more than a "Lights on Lights off" recital
  • Master Classes
  • City Program: Session Classes - Introductory Value Level
  • Summer Intensive Program
  • A Fully Stocked Dance Shoe and Apparel Store - get everything your dancer needs conveniently - and the perfect fit.

 Aspects of Dance Dimensions Expanded

Liberal Arts Dance Education

- liberal arts describes a philosophy of education where balance of knowledge is emphasized. For Dance it means that a broad spectrum of dance forms and styles - Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pointe, Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical etc. are presented, thus providing a broad platform to launch in any direction after participating in our program. The definition of liberal arts education is to come to the study of different subjects without bias. There is an aesthetic to Tap dancing that gives it a value that is neither greater or lesser than Hip Hop or Ballet. It is simply different. That does not say that values are not placed on different dance styles. For example, since Ballet has such a long physical history, a student is well advised to make Ballet training a core portion of their training so as to train physical placement and hence avoid injuries.

Ages 3 through Professional

- we emphasize and prioritize the teaching of young children as much as we do mentoring, couching and training students, who may be thinking of college scholarships or dancing professionally. We select and retain teachers who have the temperament, passion and expertise to teach young children. It is a real talent to connect with children and effectively teach them the fundamentals and aesthetics of dance - all the while having a fun time with them. We strive to provide a premium learning experience and service to all of our students and families. And all the while keeping dance fun and joyous as it surly is. 

Ballet Certification Program

- we are proud to be offering the Cecchetti Ballet world wide certification program once again. We have in years past offered the R.A.D. , the Royal Academy of Dance, Ballet certification program, but now we only offer the Cecchetti program. Besides the certification programs we also offer an open Ballet track.

Competitions, Conventions

- Dance Dimensions' performance company, Starbound, participates in a number of competitions and conventions each year. Any student in the studio is welcome to join us at any convention. Competitions and conventions provide performance and learning opportunities where students perfect their technique with the broader dance community from other studios. We are very proud of our history of competition and have several national titles to show for it.

Performing Competition Company

- Starbound, over thirty years of tradition, has many alumni who dance and teach dance professionally. However we are equally proud of our many students who have gone on to be successful in other areas. It is our hope that Starbound will contribute to producing strong, well rounded, caring and joyful people.

Spring Concert

- since opening our doors we have produced a totally professional spring concert every year at the Vance Brand Civic Auditorium in Longmont. Forget the “lights on - lights off” attitude and be entertained with full theatrical lights, special effects, beautiful costumes and exciting choreography. We are proud of our shows. Professionals who have seen tapes of it are truly impressed. These are your children and our students and they deserve to be fully respected by the presentation.

Master Classes

- thoughout the year Dance Dimensions brings in working professionals who teach a series of classes and usually they will set choreography on the dance company

City Program

- Dance Dimensions offers session classes, lasting from 6 to 8 weeks, through the City of Longmont’s recreation program. These are classes that give an inexpensive opportunity for children to experience dance. It is our belief that every child will benefit from being exposed to the art of dance and this is one of our outreach programs.

Summer Intensive Program

- for the summer Dance Dimensions offers 2 or 3 intensives each with a duration of 4 days, Monday thru Thursday, offered at three different levels, per-intermediate, intermediate and advanced. Regionally and nationally known teachers are brought in to teach. As well as these intensives there are also regular classes held on a weekly schedule for 8 to 9 weeks during the summer.

There Are Reasons Why We Do Not Have Viewing Windows For Our Classrooms.

The issue of viewing windows most often comes up for very young dancers. There are good reasons not to have viewing windows into class rooms.

  1. The child’s attention and focus is split between the teacher and the parent when viewing windows are present. A dance class is an educational experience and part of that education is learning new relationships with teachers. The first day of class the door is intentionally left open for the little ones to adjust but not to become dependent on Mom being right there all the time. And from experience, we know that children learn more and we cover more material when windows are not present.
  2. Parents usually do not have any corrections that can come from observation. Usually parents fall into two general categories. One – The parent tells the child they are doing really great. Children often take this as “I’ve done it, I don’t need to work so hard.” Two – a small number of parents will compare their child’s rate of learning to other children. No child should ever be required to explain who they are. Children learn at their own pace. They often have different issues they deal with. The classroom should be a totally safe place for the child to be who they are and to learn as they are. It is our responsibility to keep the child’s attention.
  3. Do classrooms at elementary schools have observation windows?
  4. We are a loving organization and are focused on creating a superior and loving learning environment for your child. We have designated class days when parents are welcome into the classroom for viewing.